Pearl Consultants Ltd is a privately owned company that offers management advisory and business support services to organizations to enable them achieve their aspirations. At Pearl, we believe in the unique role that each organization plays in the environment where their operations are found. We further believe in the unique opportunities, challenges and needs that each organization is faced with while aspiring to play their roles effectively. Pearl is given to render the support required to enable organizations to tap those opportunities, face the challenges and address the capacity needs required to achieve their objectives.

Company Philosophy

We are guided by the following tenets which define our company philosophy:


An authority for successful strategic formulation


To render management and business advisory services for excellent results

Core Values

Our core values are fashioned under the acronym DEEP, representing the passion with which we deliver on our promise.

  • Dependability
  • Excellence
  • Efficiency
  • Positivism

Our Promised Value

Our promise is excellent delivery of objectives of each assignment which includes building our clients’ capacity to implement our recommendations.

Our Approach

We approach our assignments with an open mind to allow us to fully appreciate our client’s needs and aspirations. We are deliberate to offer solutions that are tailored to match the specific needs for each of our clients. We import lessons from experiences learnt over time by our team of consultants who are a rich blend of management scholars and practitioners. We also bring with us our relevant studies of the dynamic market environments in which our clients operate. We are keen to tie all the expected outcomes from our consultancy engagement to our clients’ mission and strategic objectives


We schedule the events calendar for all our assignments in consultation with our clients. We offer enough flexibility to accommodate business continuity while we deliver on our consultancy. We are also flexible enough to deliver on assignments with small or large groups, and in varying timings and geographical locations.

Fees and Charges

Our fees for consultancy services are based on the skills and experience of the consultants engaged and the time necessarily spent on an assignment. We have a professional commitment to deliver value for money to our clients for all assignments we undertake. Charges for materials and conferencing facilities are ordinarily catered for directly by our clients.

Simon Gathecah

Mr. Gathecah is the Founder and CEO of Pearl Insight Ltd with the overall responsibility of leading the company to offer Business and Management advisory services to growth oriented institutions.

Simon is a financial inclusion and strategy development expert renowned for offering successful client specific advisory services through methodologies that consist of client participation and research

Prior to starting Pearl Insight, Simon served in various senior management capacities in the private sector including CEO of Daraja Microfinance Bank; Head of Operations and Retail Banking and Head of Internal Audit of SMEP Microfinance Bank, Senior Audit Manager of Kinyori & Associates – Certified Public Accountants (Kenya), and Chief Accountant of AAR Health Services (Tanzania)

Mr. Gathecah is currently a PhD student in Business Administration (Strategic Management) at Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. He is a holder of MBA (Strategic Management) from The University of Nairobi, Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting) from Daystar University, Certified Public Accountant (Kenya), and Certificate of Proficiency (Insurance). Simon has further industry training in Governance, Risk Management, Business Development, Banking Operations, and Project Management.

Simon believes in a world where every person gets a fair chance to live to their potential. He therefore engages in causes that advocate for economic empowerment, healthy living, spiritual nourishment and environmental conservation

Why Pearl Insight

At Pearl Insight, we believe in the unique role that each organization plays in their operating environment. We further believe in the unique opportunities, challenges and needs that each organization is faced with while aspiring to play their roles effectively. Pearl Insight offers business advisory services based on research in that environment to enable an organization to tap opportunities, address challenges and build the capacity needed to achieve its objectives.
Our participatory approach creates the require buy-in from management and staff and builds our clients’ capacity to implement our recommendations.